Template Meeting

The web team met with the SEND team and Parent Carer forum to discuss what information should appear on each page of the website.

Content principles

Our experience is that providing a template does not lead to the best content, as you end up writing your content to fit the template rather than answering your user’s needs. You end up shoehorning content into headings which do not apply. Instead your content should answer as many of the following questions as is relevant. Do not answer a question where it is not needed.

Content questions

  1. What is it? – describe the subject
  2. Who can use it? – eligibility criteria
  3. How do you use it? – what are your options? How do you access them?
  4. Who can you contact? – directly relevant web links, email address and phone number
  5. What can you expect? – What will the outcome be?

These content principles apply to both the simple content, and the more detailed content. The simple content should provide the most common, simple answers or provide links to the more detailed answers. The more detailed text should give the further detail and provide the more complex and the less common answers.

Content standards

We will agree to subscribe to the Localgov Digital shared content standards, rather than recreating our own.
You can find them here: