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Children’s short breaks

Short breaks for children with disabilities

Short break care in Somerset is run by the Children with Disabilities Team, which is part of the Council’s Children’s services.

A video has been put together by the Unstoppables on What is Short Breaks

You can access the service through a formal assessment process. A child is eligible for a child and family assessment from the Children with Disabilities social work team, if they

  • Have a medical diagnosis of severe physical impairment, learning impairment or autism, and
  • Have a home address within Somerset, and
  • Have needs arising from their impairment that cannot be met by universal or targeted children’s services.

The assessment concentrates on the impact of the child’s impairment on their own, and their family’s daily lives. This is separate from issues of family dysfunction, but may take them into account.

There is more information and the eligibility criteria on the Children with disabilities page of the SCC website.

This is a video about our Short Breaks Activity Calendar helps support families with disabled children.

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