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Social care

Information about what help and support you can get

About Social care

Children’s Social Care works with parents, carers and young people in a partnership to offer advice and support. It also works in partnership with, and may refer to, other services and community groups, including education, health, housing, benefits agencies and the police. It provides a range of services including specialist services.

You can find out more about Children’s Social Care on the Somerset County Council website.

Independent Parental Special Education Advice (IPSEA) information about the legal meaning of social care provision: What is Social Care Provision

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

This service provides support to children and young people from a variety of support services including

  • Autism and communication team
  • Educational psychology
  • Sensory, physical and medical support service
  • Learning support (including dyslexia)

Contact Children’s Social Care

Somerset Disabled Children and Young People’s Service

Somerset’s Disabled Children and Young People’s Service offer a range of support, information and advice. The team works closely with colleagues in the health and Special Educational Needs services. Services include emotional and physical support, including Equipment, Short Breaks and Autism outreach.

Resource team for children with disabilities

The team provides services for children with disabilities and their families in Somerset. They aim to meet the needs of families through signposting, information sharing, training and non-residential short breaks.

For more information see the Disabled Children and Young People’s Service webpage on the Somerset County Council website.

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