Somerset Drugs and Alcohol Service

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Using drugs can affect your health, relationships and personal safety. But, for some people, drug use takes over, disrupts their life and becomes a problem.

What do we mean by drugs?

  • illegal substances such as heroin, cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy
  • misused household products – like gases, glues and aerosols or other volatile substances
  • some medicines (which can be misused)
  • New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) ) – they used to be called ‘legal highs’ before the law changed

If you’d like to talk to someone about accessing help in Somerset for yourself, a friend or family member, Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service (SDAS) is there to help you.

General info

Further information

  • Are you eligible
  • Whatever your age, if you need help or support with a drug or alcohol problem, contact Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service.

  • How to access
  • Phone 0300 303 87 88, all day, every day

  • When is it available
  • Contact provider for details