Route1 Advocacy

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Advocates help children and young people express their wishes, views and opinions.

Route1 is a Somerset countywide service offering short-term volunteer advocates to children and young people in care, children involved in child protection proceedings and specific groups of other vulnerable children and young people.

A child or young person can have a Route1 advocate when:

  • there is a meeting about child protection
  • there is a Child Looked After Review
  • a child looked after or care leaver wishes to make a complaint
  • there is a Family Group Conference
  • a child or young person has run away from home
  • a child or young person who is looked after wants advice or assistance

Any meeting where adults are talking about or making decisions about a child can be scary. Advocates make sure the child’s views and feelings are heard and that the adults involved know about them.

You can meet the advocate in your own home or anywhere that feels safe and comfortable for you.

Route1 also trains, supports and supervises Independent Visitors for children in care and mentors for children and young people at risk. These are long term sustained relationships aimed at making a significant difference to the lives of vulnerable young people. All Route1 volunteers complete a training programme and an assessment procedure.

If you are aged twenty or over and interested in becoming a Route1 volunteer, phone 01749 822801 or email

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  • In many cases someone involved will ask you if you would like an advocate. If not, a child or young person can ask for one themselves. You can contact Route1 Advocacy on 01749 822801 or you can fill in an Advocacy Referral Form.

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