MAISEY Meetings

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‘MAISEY’ stands for Multi-Agency Identification and Support in the Early Years.

What does a Maisey meeting do?

There are many services available to children from birth to five years with Special Educational Needs in Somerset. Maisey meetings bring together people from all the different early years services to look at a how they might help your child.

Parents’ thoughts and concerns about their child are also discussed in a separate meeting.

What happens at a Maisey meeting?

At a Maisey meeting the people there will:

  • Identify children who may need more help and plan for this
  • Share information
  • Identify a lead person for the School Entry Plan and monitor transition into pre-school and school

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  • Can parents attend a Maisey meeting?

    Because of the number of different children under discussion, it is not possible for parents to attend Maisey meetings

    Many children are discussed at Maisey meetings, always with parental consent.

    You can find out more on this Maisey leaflet

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