International Dyslexia Learning Solutions (IDL)

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International Dyslexia Learning Solutions (IDL) offers both Literacy and Numeracy intervention software that has a proven track record of helping dyslexic and dyscalculic children. Our software is used in over 2,300 schools worldwide and has helped over 40,000 children. The IDL Literacy package provides a multi-sensory system that supports learners (especially those with dyslexia) to improve their reading and spelling ages.

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  • IDL Numeracy is a maths software resource that helps to improve ability for low-attaining learners in mathematics. It includes a fully graded course to support the National Curriculum for KS1 (Key Stage 1) maths and KS2 (Key Stage 2) maths. It is aimed at those with dyscalculia/maths anxiety.

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  • Licence accessed by schools/institutions/home users through the website on computers or the app on iPads or tablets.

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