Endeavour2achieve (E2A)

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Endeavour2achieve is run by a family who have 2 adult sons with with learning disabilities. Endeavour is a spacious 4 bedroom holiday let home providing a natural setting in which a small group can review independent living skills, enjoy a short break or practice ‘living together’ to check out compatibility before committing to a tenancy.

The holiday let home is centrally located in Somerset with good bus services to and from all major towns, Somerton is a friendly community in which to access this experience.

Endeavour has 4 bedrooms, bathroom, shower room, 2 reception rooms, utility room , fully equipped kitchen, large enclosed garden and plenty of parking. It’s a 1 min walk from the bus stop and easy walking distance to local shops and community facilities.

Endeavour2achieve only provides the accommodation, giving you choice and control over who supports you there. Those who arrange the support (Parents, Care and support providers, schools and colleges) are responsible to complete a full risk assessment for customers, provide correct staff ratio and ensure the group are familiar with each other prior to their stay.

Skills that can be assessed here are: Housekeeping, budgeting, shopping, cooking, gardening, laundry, bed making, being safe in the community ‘Compatibility experiences’ give a group the opportunity to learn to live together cohesively.

Standard holiday let terms and conditions apply. Deposit and full payment required before arrival. The support package must be in place before booking. E2A are not liable for safeguarding caused by support provider negligence.

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  • Are you eligible
  • The venue is available to individuals and groups using direct payments as well as to service providers, schools and colleges looking for a venue to enhance the services they can offer.

  • How to access
  • Contact Endeavour to find out about current availability and to make a booking.

  • When is it available
  • Booking types: *Day booking: 11am to 2.30pm. *Overnight booking: 4.30pm to 9am *Hire Weekends or weekly (*from ¬£12.50pp with 4 sharing).