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We provide one-to-one confidential advice and advocacy services across England. The advice and support we offer includes:

  • Welfare benefits
  • Housing
  • Debt
  • Employment
  • Consumer and community care
  • Access to council services
  • Advice on access to legal services
  • Providing advocacy support at meetings with other agencies

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  • Worried about benefits, money or debt? Book an appointment to talk to one of our confidential advisors free on our deafPLUS BSL Advice Helpline.

    Find out more on the deafPLUS website

    All available slots are coloured green. Choose the day and time slot you’d prefer for your appointment. Fill in your details. We’ll confirm your appointment by email. An advisor will be waiting for you to call them via the Skype or FaceTime on the confirmed day and time of your appointment.


  • When is it available
  • Helpline hours Monday – 10am to 2pm Tuesday – 6.30pm to 9.30pm Wednesday – 11am to 5pm Thursday – 1pm to 5pm Friday – 9am to 1pm