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If you have a child who is learning Braille, or are a Braille reading adult whose child is learning to read in school, you can ask the school to get in touch with us to organise library membership.

Our library service (including postage) is free for families, who can borrow six books at a time and change them as often as they like. Schools, libraries and visual impairment services pay a heavily-subsidised £50 per year for up to 20 books; the loan can be changed up to six times a year.

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  • The library has a wide range of books suitable for babies up to children who are reading independently. Most are suitable whether it’s the child or the adult who’s the Braille reader, but we have a special collection for visually-impaired adults reading with a sighted child, which include Brailled picture descriptions so you can point out aspects of the pictures to a young child or toddler.

  • How to access
  • Contact us using our website form, email, phone and we will set up your membership and send you your first set of books. Once you’ve read three you put them back in the bag, turn the address card in the bag’s window round and hand it in at the post office. We will send you three more books. You always have three books at home to read while three are being changed. There are no late fees, you can keep books for up to six months.

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  • Contact hours - 10am to 4pm