Childrens Autism Outreach Team (CAOT)

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Children’s Autism Outreach Team (CAOT) work with parents and carers and their child or young person with or without a diagnosis of autism aged 0 to 13 years.

The child/YP needs to have ‘recognised significant communication difficulties’ associated with autism if there is no current diagnosis.

They provide help to understand a child’s situation; supporting and empowering to provide strategies where needed and increase social opportunities.

CAOT provide home visits to help parents and carers with advice and strategies within the home, help with new skills to support their child or young person and help with access to other suitable resources.

They also provide activities for children and young people with or without an autism diagnosis that would otherwise be inaccessible for many families without support and advice. These include clubs for families and activities during every school holiday.

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  • Are you eligible
  • This service is for children or young persons with or without a diagnosis of autism aged 0 to 13 years.

  • How to access
  • To access support from the CAOT team an EHA needs to be completed. This can be found on

  • When is it available
  • Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday closed