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Carers’ Voice Somerset is an influencing body concerned with improving the lives of carers in Somerset. It is made up of representatives of organisations and agencies which have a stake in supporting carers in the county. Carers’ Voice Somerset brings together carers, former carers, local providers, Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group and Somerset County Council commissioners to advise and make recommendations on the joint development of health, social care and related services.

Carers’ Voice Somerset was set up in response to National Strategies to ensure that carers are able to access the appropriate support and services they need that will enable them to:

  • maintain a good level of health and wellbeing
  • remain in their caring role for as long as they wish

What do Carers’ Voice do?

  • Raise awareness and improve understanding of the role that carers play in supporting other people.
  • Discuss and address issues of common concern to carers in Somerset.
  • Take a lead role in the design, implementation, monitoring and review of the 2015 to 2018 “Somerset’s Commitment to Carers” *.
  • Review, with commissioners, service providers, carers and former carers the overall value and effectiveness of carers services in Somerset.
  • Influence commissioning spending plans.
  • Exchange ideas, skills and share examples of good practice in developing support and services for carers.

Carers Voice Somerset Terms of Reference

General info

Further information

  • Are you eligible
  • The independent voice for all unpaid carers in Somerset.

  • How to access
  • To find out more information about getting involved speak to our Project Officer Debbie on: 07818 523487

    Please note: Carers’ Voice Somerset is not a ‘lobbying group’ and as such does not have the jurisdiction to publically campaign on issues solely relating to individual carers.

    Carers’ Voice Somerset is an open, public meeting and as such issues affecting only one individual carer cannot be raised at the meeting.

    *Somerset’s Commitment to Carers was produced by Carers’ Voice Somerset. The Commitment focuses on a number of key themes and priority outcomes based on what carers have told us they need.

  • When is it available
  • Carers' Voice Somerset will be hosting a series of events for carers across the county. These events will provide an opportunity for you to: Find out about new and improved services in Somerset Share your thoughts with people who understand Exchange ideas and tips you’ve found useful Express what is important to you Have fun and make new friends You can find out more on their website.