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Thanks to our many supporters and dedicated therapy teams, we now impact on the lives of over 600 children with additional needs. Our growth and regional outreach has been driven by the commitment to bring measurable improvements to the lives of children with physical, sensory, learning, cognitive and behavioural difficulties.

A key success of Brainwave has been the ability to recognise the impact having a child with additional needs has on their family and empowering them to deliver therapy to their child at home.

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  • We work with children with a wide range of conditions and developmental needs including, cerebral palsy, genetic conditions, Down’s syndrome, autism and developmental delay. Our assessment equips parents and carers with the necessary skills through the teaching of individually tailored programmes. Continuous support from the team and regular assessments with skilled therapists’ means that we can adjust the therapy required as the child grows and progresses. This means that support is available for as long as it is needed.

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