Aspergers Specialist Team

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The Asperger Specialist Team is part of the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust. We are a multidisciplinary countywide service providing pre and post-diagnostic services for adults in Somerset.

We make an initial assessment to establish each person’s needs.

We offer a range of Post-Diagnostic services; for example, Living with Aspergers educational sessions which are held on a one-to-one or group-work basis.

We are able to signpost you to other external support services and social groups that you can access in the community.

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  • Are you eligible
  • We carry out Asperger’s Diagnostic Assessments for adults over the age of 18. (Please note that there is an eligibility criteria and waiting list for this service.)

  • How to access
  • The Team can only accept referrals from local Adult Community Mental Health Teams within Somerset. To access Asperger’s services, referrals can be requested via GPs to the local Adult Community Mental Health Team, who will make an onward referral to the Asperger Specialist Team.

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