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2BU-Somerset was established in 2003 and began by organising social activities for young people aged 14 to 18 living in Somerset who identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT).

2BU aims to provide a safe environment for young people who find socialising difficult. We offer a varied programme to give young people the opportunity to become comfortable with their sexuality and gain confidence from their peers.

There is no charge for what we do.

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  • We work with young people who feel socially excluded as a result of their emerging or identified sexuality. Having the opportunity to meet socially and share experiences gives young people the chance to engage in positive activities and develop their confidence and self esteem. 2BU continues to adapt to the needs of young LGBT people. 2BU’s activities include: Regular access to a youth support group providing positive activities and youth worker support. Access to the 2BU website, a closed membership website, monitored to provide access to support 24/7 using message boards, group chat, private messages and online information tailored to meet their needs. Access to one-to-one, group or additional support appropriate to their needs and where necessary, developing relationships between young people and their wider community, including parents, schools, colleges and the workplace. Training packages for the young people’s workforce, raising awareness of the issues for young people who are LGBT.

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