Please only book a Coronavirus test if someone in your household is displaying symptoms. This includes a fever, a new dry persistent cough and/or a loss of taste and smell.


  • Getting a test when you’re not displaying symptoms could show a negative result which may not be the case. You could still be incubating the disease and become infectious.
  • Going for a test when you don’t need it prevents essential key workers or those with symptoms being able to get a slot.
  • Tests must be booked through the national portal online at or by phoning 119.
  • Do not phone 111, turn up at a local test site without a booking, contact the GP or visit A&E, they will not be able to help. Just keep trying the national portal.
  • Finally, it’s vitally important to continue to self-isolate whilst waiting for a test result. This goes for everyone in the household who must also self-isolate, even if they don’t have any symptoms. Only when you receive a negative result or you’ve completed your self-isolation period, if you tested positive, should children or anyone else in the household return to school or the workplace.
  • To book a Coronavirus slot online, please click or phone 119.
  • For more information about Coronavirus =visit or

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