Inaura School is an independent, co-educational SEND school for pupils who have complex educational, social, emotional and mental health needs.
The school has 4 education learning bases located in the county of Somerset. We provide student educational day placements for Somerset and the surrounding local authorities including: Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, Devon, Dorset, North Somerset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. Our Key Stage 2-3 learning base as well as our Forest School are in Godney, Wells while our two Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 learning bases are located in Burrowbridge and East Huntspill.
All of our students have Education Health and Care Plans and are placed with us through their local authority SEND departments.
We work with students who have encountered challenges in mainstream, pupil referral units and other special school settings. Many of our students have experienced failure in multiple educational settings. That is why we do things a little differently.
Our approach encompasses a relational and non-coercive philosophy for teaching and learning. This philosophy focuses on building trust and systematically removing the barriers that pupils encountered in their previous learning journeys.
The aim of Inaura School is to:
Re-engage our pupils in education
Facilitate experiences of success
Raise self-esteem
Raise self-awareness
Enable our young people to realise independence in their own life
Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that every individual will learn when presented with the right conditions.
Our goal is to help students enjoy learning again.
This 360-degree learner-centred approach focuses on the Head, Heart, Hands and Home.
1. Head – Promoting academic learning and the gaining of qualifications to enable choice and social mobility.
2. Heart – Promoting emotional resilience, relationship building, higher self-esteem and self-awareness to facilitate experiences of success.
3. Hands- Promoting hands on activities that are flexible, practical and proactive rather than ‘sit and get’ lecture style learning.
4. Home- Promoting quality home/school relationships through effective communication and collaboration with parent/carers that closes the loop between the expectations of home and school.
Inaura’s highest priority is to keep our students safe. We aim for all of our students to be healthy and happy while inspiring them to overcome personal obstacles to help them enjoy learning again.

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  • Headteacher Mr Emile Etheridge
  • Chair of Governors Mr Andrew Warner
  • Clerk to Governors Mr Gregory Jones
  • Lead Finance Officer Ms Zizi Relton

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