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Targeted Youth Support

Working with vulnerable young people

This service has the following priorities to work with ‘vulnerable’ young people aged 15 to 19 (19+ for young people who are already in contact with Children’s Social Care) who are

  • Victims of intimate peer relationship abuse (13+)
  • Perpetrators of intimate peer relationship abuse (13+)
  • Experiencing drug and alcohol problems (13+)
  • Victims of Child Sexual Exploitation (13+)
  • Pathway to Independence (16+)
  • Young carers (under 18)
  • Young people who have been reported missing and found

Targeted Youth Support will provide individual careers advice and guidance to:

  • Young Offenders (16+)
  • Care Leavers (ready to engage in Education, Training and Employment)
  • Job Centre Plus 16/17 year old claimants
  • Young carers (Year 11+)

This personalised support enables access to Education, Training and Employment for over 16s and could include looking at education, employment and training options, career planning, goal setting, action planning and employability skills.

Targeted Youth Support (TYS) is delivered by the local authority.

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