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Preparing for adult life

Information for young people on the journey to adult life

Providing advice on Education, Employment and Adult Social Care.

You can take control of your own personal budget.

You can contact Adult Social Care on 0300 123 2224

or you can fill in the contact adult social care form.

About Preparing for adult life

It is important for young people to make their own decisions and think about the future. It is important that they are at the forefront of the decision-making process.

The more opportunities we have to make decisions in our lives, the more confident we will become. By making our own decisions we can accept challenges, understand risk and learn from mistakes. This is okay.

As we become older, the decisions can become bigger and potentially life-changing. Becoming an adult can be a positive, exciting and challenging time.

With the support of families and practitioners we can become more resilient. If you have a knock-back in life, it is important to keep motivating yourself to achieve and succeed. These skills allow us to have a positive outlook on achievement and success.

Effective support and planning enable young people to reach their full potential as an adult. This can only be achieved by talking about ambitions and plans for adult life from an early age, including introducing ideas about work, education and being part of a community, and where they will live.

We see transition as a shared opportunity that should take into account the needs, views and wishes of the young person and the people who care for them, in partnership with the agencies around them. Young people have said this is having ‘Choices for Life‘, and these plans should be a part of all reviews and provision in place for young people. You can read more in our Choices for Life Strategy.    

What is provided by statutory authorities is different for young people and adults, and not all services provided for young people have an adult equivalent. You can find more information about the different services in this section.

Not all young people who are identified as requiring support in preparing for adult life will need formal services. Where you do, you will be subject to transfer of care management and funding as appropriate. Where you do not, you will be clearly told what’s going on, with appropriate guidance and signposting.

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