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Information for young people on the journey to adult life

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About Preparing for adult life

‘The more opportunities we have to make decisions in our lives, the more confident  we will become. By making our own decisions we can accept challenges, understand risk and learn from mistakesThis is okay!’

I am Kiah Durham and I have worked with other people to help professionals understand about what transitions mean to us and the young people we represent.

We believe it is important for young people to make their own decisions and think about the future, and be at the forefront of the decision-making process.

As we become older the decisions become bigger and potentially life-changing.

If families and practitioners support us, we will become more resilient. If we have a knock-back in life, it is important for us to keep motivating ourselves to achieve and succeed.

Transitions is often a difficult word for many young people to understand and relate to. Young people told us that they wanted to explore opportunities and it was important that this happened near where they lived. So, we designed a concept called “Choices for Life.” You can read more in our Choices for Life Strategy.

We felt that transition should challenge the people who work with us and support us, so that we understand our opportunities. This should be a partnership between all of us. To help us progress into adult life and reach our goals, we want to challenge you to think about your future lives around these five questions.

We have designed this section of the website to cover these five things.