Strategies (planning for what we aim to do and how we will do it)

  • Somerset Children and Young People’s Plan 2019 – 2022 – Our vision is that Somerset children and young people are safe, healthy, happy, are ambitious for their future and develop skills for life. The Plan sets out what we aim to do, how we aim to do it and how we will know whether or not we have succeeded.
  • Somerset’s Early Help Strategy 2021 – A vision and charter of how we work together to provide early help so children, young people and their families will receive the right intervention as early as possible to tackle problems and prevent issues escalating.
  • SEND Engagement and Participation Strategy 2018 – 2020 – This sets out how we will improve involving children and young people and their parent carers in the decisions that affect them. This strategy is currently under review and is due for publication July 2021. You can also find out more on our Engagement and Participation page and Improvement Priority 1 – Engagement and participation.
  • Somerset SEND Strategy 2016 to 2019 – Our plan to transform our services and work together to make sure that the child or young person is at the centre of everything we do. This strategy is currently under review and is due for publication September 2021.
  • Somerset Sustainability and Transformation Plan – Our plan to bring about lasting change in local services so we can help people to improve their health while making sure they get the best care and treatment when they need it.
  • Improving Lives Strategy 2019-2028 – Our plan to help people live healthy and independent lives, supported by thriving and connected communities, with timely and easy access to high quality and efficient public services when they need them.
  • Somerset Autism Strategy 2015 -18 – Our plans to improve the way we all work together utilising the resources that are available to meet needs and improve outcomes for people with autism and their families/carers and give the information and support they need to remain as independent as possible. This strategy is under review.