If you are aged under 25 and you have Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) we want to hear from you!

What do you need to become a happy grown up?

Answer the question in any way you want – draw, film, write, sing, or find your own way to express yourself – and you will go into a draw to win a £20 voucher. Your answers will tell us what we need to aim for when we develop services so that they work well for you and your family. Help us make the future happy!

Important information:

  1. Send us your answers before 26 March 2021 to go into the draw for the voucher.
  2. You can send answers by email (SENDParticipationTeam@somerset.gov.uk), What’s App (07976 809773), or use the hashtag #SENDHappyGrownUp on Instagram, or Facebook.
  3. Don’t forget to include your details (name, age, contact email address) and a written description of any artwork to make sure we understand exactly what you want us to know. Send these as part of your email or as a private message. Do not put your personal details on a social media post.

For more information contact the SEND Participation Team by messenger/Instagram messages, email (SENDParticipationTeam@somerset.gov.uk), or phone/What’s App (07976 809773)

We’ve pulled together some tools you might want to use to help you create your answer to the question ‘what do you need to become a happy grown up?’

If you’re a teacher or another grown up supporting a child or young person, or a group of children or young people, this Activity Ideas Sheet is complimentary to the materials for children and young people above.