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Supporting families with EHC plans

Find who can best help you

SEND Casework Officer

Throughout the assessment process the SEND Casework Officer is a really important contact for the family. They oversee the whole process and will support parents, carers and young people to make sure they understand it. They will tell them, through letters, phone calls and meetings if required, about how long things will take and about panel outcomes.

If you are not sure who your SEND Casework Officer is, please contact

The SEND Team operate a Duty system, this will provide service users with a ‘human’ contact for queries and advice. For existing cases this will be a messaging service and the allocated caseworker will return the call within 5 working days.

The number is 01823 359720 and will operate from 8.30am – 5pm Monday – Thursday and 8.30am – 4.30pm Friday.

Other support

The family may also feel that support from an Independent Supporter would be helpful to guide them through the process. And this could continue if a plan is agreed.

Support and advice is also available from the Special Educational Needs and Disability, Information and Support Service (SENDIAS).

If families request to receive a Direct Payment they can get support to administer it from The Enham Trust.

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