Children starting school for the first time, are normally expected to join in the September following their fourth birthday. Your child may also be changing school as part of a move such as primary to secondary school. You are not automatically given a placement; you must apply online. 

Who to apply to

All applications must be made to your home authority – (this is who you pay your council tax to). If you live in Somerset you can apply to your chosen school here. If you are unsure if your child lives in Somerset, check whether Somerset is your local authority for school admissions.

How to get more information

Read the School Admissions page carefully before making your application. This page contains everything you need to know to make your school place application, including information about the different types of school, published admission numbers and the criteria used to allocate places at schools and academies. 

Starting school or moving schools if you have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

If your child has an EHCP you do not need to apply for school using the admissions process mentioned above. If your child is starting school for the first time the school will be consulted as part of the MAISEY school entry plan. Please talk to your early years setting or MAISEY co-ordinator for more information. 

A phased transfer process happens when you are transferring from one school type to another, for example, first school to middle school, primary to secondary or infant to junior. Parents of children who are part of a phased transfer process will discuss the next placement as part of their annual review meeting. Please see the EHCP section of the Local Offer for more details.

There is more information on the County Council website

Apply to start school for the first time
Starting at a junior or middle school
Starting at a secondary or upper school