Coronavirus information

You can find COVID-19 SEND School Transport Guidance here

The Education Travel Policy covers in more detail travel arrangements for the beginning and end of the school day (and not to travel between educational establishments during the school day) for pupils and students who live in Somerset or who are deemed to be our responsibility.  This incorporates the separate policy documents for children with Special Educational Needs. Summaries are described below.

School transport

Somerset County Council provides home to school travel assistance for eligible children aged 4 to 16 years.

Travel assistance is provided to a child’s nearest or designated school, providing they live over the statutory walking distance.

The statutory walking distance is 3 miles for children aged 8 and over, and 2 miles for children under 8 years old.

The Council also provides additional travel assistance for children from low income families.

To check if you are eligible for travel assistance, to make an application and to get more information, please visit the County Council website.

Post 16

There is no statutory entitlement for students attending further education.  We may be able to provide travel assistance for students with special educational needs if they cannot make their own way to their further educational establishment. There is also a contribution charge for this.

Students must apply each year for travel assistance with supporting medical evidence and progression information for returning further education students.

For more information visit the County Council website.

Don’t forget, residents of Somerset who are disabled or cannot drive for medical reasons are entitled to a concessionary bus pass which provides free or reduced cost bus travel at certain times of the day, and are encouraged to use Better Journey Cards to let the driver know they may need additional help. This is separate provision to travel assistance for further education and use of one does not exclude use of the other.

Travel help if you have an Education, Health and Care Plan

You can find information about EHC Plans and school transport here