In May we asked parents/carers and SENCOs to share thoughts and experience of our SPOT service by completing a short survey. The survey has now closed, and the teams would like to say thank you to everyone who responded.

In total 61 surveys were received, of which:

  • 29 were submitted by SENCOs
  • 22 were submitted by parent/carers

Some SENCOs completed the form more than once, (if more than one team supports them) and 32 out of 39 replies from SENCOs said that they are very satisfied with the level of support received from the four teams.

Only three parents said that they would not recommend a service to others and seven parents felt that the service had not met the needs of their child or young person.
The survey highlighted that there is some confusion between the service provided by the Children’s Occupational Therapy Service within SPOT and the Children and Young People’s Therapy Service, delivered by the NHS.

The SPOT teams have recently published a new set of leaflets and hope the Children’s Occupational Therapy leaflet will help clarify the service provided by this team.

The links to those leaflets can be found here:

Types of replies and comments received were:

  • One of our main foci during the next academic year will be to ensure that we capture the voice of the pupil and keep them at the centre of what we do.
  • We have reviewed our procedure for making professional contributions to the EHCP process. We will monitor the use of a new template.
  • We will continue to perform annual audits to quality assure the reports shared with schools and parent for them to meet our high standards and are clear on actions to be taken by the school, parent and advisory team.
  • We will add link to the SE website into our notes of visit/assessment where resources can be found to support the school and parent where relevant

The team are planning on running a new survey in the autumn term. The survey will expand on how parents feel the service could improve to meet the needs of their child or young person.

SENCos will also be asked how the service can better support the confidence building of their staff.

If you would like to contact the SPOT service before the next survey, please email us at