Here you can find a summary report of key learning, feedback from lived experience and findings from the Autism and ADHD Assessment Pathway workshops held in 2021.

Autism and ADHD Assessment Pathway November 2021

This report aims to support the review, development and improvement of Neurodevelopmental Pathways, specifically Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Somerset.

This is following engagement and gathering of information throughout the past year and includes:

  • Feedback from system partners and key stakeholders
  • Autism and ADHD Co-production Workshops
  • Somerset Parent Carer Surveys
  • Somerset CCG Staff Survey
  • Somerset CCG Parent/ Carer Surveys
  • Learning from other assessment models and resources
  • Data from service providers

For more update see our Improvement Priority 5 – Autism page.