What is co-production?

Co-production is about website designers and website users working together to make something that meets the needs of everyone. User-centred design techniques are used to improve the experience for people who actually use the site. If users say something does not work for them, the designers will use their feedback to make changes and improvements.

The types of techniques include

  • Content audit – a review of the current information on Somerset Choices
  • Creating personas – personas are fictional characters created to represent different sorts of people who might use a site, brand, or product in a similar way. We will take your information and use it to make personas. We will use these to make sure everything we make works for real people like you
  • User journeys – a series of steps showing how people interact with the website to achieve a goal. We use personas to create real tasks that people want to complete when they visit the website. Examples might be ‘Find out about EHC plans’ or ‘Contact an advocate’
  • Card sort – users have a list of web pages, which they are asked to group together in a way that makes sense to them. This is used to improve menus and navigation on the website
  • Wireframes – these are rough layouts of web pages so people can give feedback on different options for how pages look and where different elements (for example search boxes, buttons or pictures) are located
  • A/B testing – we give people a choice between two different versions of a web page or some content and ask them which they prefer, and why
  • Surveys – to get feedback from current or potential users of the website
  • User testing – sitting with people while they use the website to accomplish tasks and recording their thoughts and feelings on their experience

If you are interested in helping us you can: